Project Support

Every project site is different and requires professional management skills. A large proportion of project cost is associated to Plant & Machinery. Selection of the right machinery and their management is thus pivotal to the success of a project

Onsite Support – Workshop, Parts Consignment and Lubricant Service

If machinery supplied is covered by our Service Agreement; for a nominal fee, we could provide at your project site in KSA, one containerized workshop, one containerized parts warehouse and one containerized lubricant service system.

The parts warehouse will contain emergency parts as per recommendation of our Principal(s). Major parts will be maintained at our parts warehouses in KSA, and these will be clearly marked with the project name. Parts will only be invoiced upon consumption.

The workshop will be equipped with emergency tools (list can be provided upon request).

Support to used Komatsu Equipment

1. Our onsite parts consignment will also include emergency parts for any of your used Komatsu equipment working on the site.

2. Our onsite technicians will be available to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on your used Komatsu equipment working on the site.

For further information, please contact Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery at 9200 25543.

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